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Seismic can be relevant in shales
Seismic can be relevant in shales article page 1
​E&P Magazine, April 2012
A novel interpretation and characterization of an Eagle Ford shale play used geometric, mechanical, and full-azimuth seismic attributes.

Shale plays have become one of the important sources of hydrocarbons, both domestically and globally. Due to their unique nature, shale plays have demonstrated challenges to geoscientists in reservoir E&P. In searching for the sweet spots of a shale formation, geoscientists must rely on seismic data, microseismic data, core data, well data, and a wealth of other technologies to characterize and model what is frequently a highly heterogeneous formation. The defining factors of a sweet spot include rock properties such as brittle/ ductile quality, in situ stress, and total organic content. (entire article)​