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​These files contain data which represents the most prospective trends for Exploration in North America.

The Following table shows the Play areas that are identified in these datasets:

​United States ​Canada
​Eagle Ford ​Horn River
​Marcellus/Utica ​Cardium
Niobrara​ ​Montney
​Bakken ​Bakken


​ ​
HOW TO USE THE DOWNLOADS:  This location was created to facilitate the download of spatial data; this data can be incorporated into your internal systems for reference purposes. These datasets contain embedded web links that allow you to link to our web site application,
directing you to the prospect area that the datasets are associated with. This will allow you to review our carefully collected data parameters, explore our ever increasing suite of Seismic products, and contact your local seismic marketing representative.
All this can be accomplished from your local desktop in a matter of seconds.