Seitel, Inc. is a leading provider of seismic data and related geophysical expertise to the petroleum industry.  Our main focus is to provide high quality seismic data in the onshore, offshore and transition zones of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and Canada.  Our distinguishing characteristic is that we are one of the largest seismic data libraries in North America.
Corporate Headquarters
10811 S. Westview Circle Drive
Suite 100, Building C
Houston, Texas, 77043
PH: 832-295-8300
Fax: 832-295-8301
Corporate Structure
Seitel Data designs, markets, and executes new seismic surveys for leading oil and gas exploration companies. The division also purchases existing surveys from other companies. Combined, these create one of the largest seismic databases in North America - all of it accessible via Seitel Solutions.
Seitel Canada Ltd. designs, markets, and executes new surveys for Canada's oil and gas customers. The seismic information acquired is the Canadian counterpart of the North American library and can be accessed via Seitel Solutions.
Seitel Data Processing is the division responsible for processing raw seismic data acquired in the field so that it can be delivered to end-users for interpretation.
Seitel Solutions provides licensed customers with a web enabled, map-based interface for browsing and purchasing from a database that includes over a petabyte of archived seismic and related geophysical data. Both Seitel Data and Seitel Canada contribute to this database.


Corporate Governance
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Seitel's operations are governed by a board-approved Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (PDF).
Independent accountants charged with auditing Seitel's operations are overseen by a board-appointed committee with a defined charter (PDF).
Nomination of Directors
Seitel is a wholly owned subsidary of Seitel Holdings, Inc.  Decisions related to the composition of the board are made pursuant to the terms of the Securities Holders Agreement.
Seitel's compensation plans are overseen by a board-appointed committee.


Investor/Media Contact 

Marcia Kendrick 
Seitel, Inc.
10811 South Westview Circle Drive
Suite 100, Building C
Houston, TX 77043
Voice: 713.881.8900
Fax: 713.881.8901 


Houston Office
2800 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, TX 77056-6118
Voice: 713.499.4600